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Concept Scientific Instruments was founded by a team of experts with more than 20 years of experience in Atomic Force Microscopy. CSInstruments employs a qualified and dynamic team with expertise in mechanics, electronics and data processing. This expertise ensures innovation and performance in the production of AFM and helps achieve an excellent price/performance ratio.

The activities of CSInstruments focus on incorporating innovation and quality in the development and design of AFM, assisting researchers in academia and industry to achieve excellent results in their projects. CSInstruments offers an impressive product range designed and manufactured with precision to achieve ultrafine performances in nanometre range that meet the research needs and requirements for current and future nanoscience applications.


High Resolution Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Nano Observer high resolution AFM

The Nano-Observer uses an advanced flat scanning stage to avoid well known defects of the piezoelectric tube scanner such as bow, X-Y crosstalk etc. A low noise feedback control delivers reliable and high performance. A patented flexure stage with 3 independent low voltage piezoelectric devices mounted in a massive platform and combined with a low noise laser and electronics achieves high resolution measurement at atomic scale.
Quality Measurements
temperature controlled AFM video
POLYMER CRYSTALLISATION under temperature control

Through a smart choice of analog and digital processing, each signal is enhanced to avoid addition of noise and perform a fast feedback. The scanner is controlled by 24-bit D/A converters providing high precision scan to the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). A built-in lock-in for accurate topography, phase or MFM/EFM/KFM and PFM measurements is coupled with low noise electronics to acquire highly resolved images and spectroscopy.

Expand your capabilities for different environments

The Nano-Observer is a modern AFM designed by experts at CSInstruments to serve advanced applications. The unique design of this instrument makes it highly powerful, versatile and suited to a range of environmental conditions such as gas, humidity control, temperature control and to liquid imaging. In addition, large optical windows have been installed making the Nano-Observer a perfect instrument for use in optical setups or couplings such as Raman, photovoltaics and IR illumination.

Scanning Probe Microscope Modes

The uniqueness of Nano-Observer is defined by its versatility in allowing different types of analysis to be performed with a single microscope

In addition to performance, the Nano-Observer is capable of several advanced modes which expand your field of investigation. Beside Contact/LFM and Oscillating/ Phase imaging, several modes are available to characterise mechanical viscoelasticity, adhesion of your samples as well as electrical properties (CAFM, ResiScope), electric and magnetic fields (MFM/EFM) and surface potential (standard KFM or HD-KFM). 8 real-time image channels are available to increase capability of analysis. 
Ease of use

Compact and robust, the Nano-Observer fulfils the requirements for advanced users or beginners. It avoids laser alignment with the pre-positioned tip system. A top and side view of the tip/sample, combined with vertical motorised control, makes the pre-approach easy. Simple positioning can be done by combining the optical access with the X-Y translation stage. 

Top and side views

A video color camera is provided with the AFM offering a helpful view from the top for tip/ sample positioning or side view to make the tip/sample approach easier.

» Sample/tip visibility
» Ease of use
» Avoids damaging sample or tip
» Better contrast by lateral illumination

Atomic Force Microscope cantilever Top view

Atomic Force Microscope cantilever side view

Top and bottom illumination

» Bottom illumination can be used for Photovoltaic apps (bottom illumination + conductive measurements from the top)

» Bottom illumination can also be used to get better optical contrast for Biology (higher contrast / transmission)

» Top illumination is used for cantilever positioning

Atomic Force Microscope cantilever Top illumination for biology

Atomic Force Microscope cantilever side illumination for photovoltaics