NanoTechnology Solutions is the exclusive distributor for LatticeGear in Australia and New Zealand. With new patented technologies, LatticeGear reinvented cleaving and delivers mechanical, smart and flexible solutions for repeatable success. LatticeGear has developed solutions for preparing the highest quality scribed and cleaved samples at low startup cost and without service contracts. LatticeGear solutions enable you to get to the business of analysis faster.

Emphasising the link between the correct “weak point” based on the material, size, thickness, shape and the desired outcome/purpose is KEY. While most people consider scribing and cleaving as straightforward, we believe there is a whole science behind it. There is process development required by altering one factor at a time in order to standardise the process for specific materials and applications.

NanoTechnology Solutions staff are trained at the LatticeGear Applications Lab in the USA and can support Australasian customers in finding the right solution through to installation, training and full satisfaction from the instrument.

Go beyond what is possible using handheld scribing tools.

Cleaving and Scribing Tools and Kits

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LatticeGear FS 100 – The only surface touch-free scribing machine

FS100 wafer scribing tool from NanoTechnology Solutions

Scribing Reinvented. The patented FS100 lets you view the front side of your sample and scribe the back side. The FS100 is a compact, stable, accurate, fast and low cost scribing and cleaving tool suitable for any lab; no utilities required. By integrating a robust, fixed diamond scribe into a sample platform with a fence guide design, scribing accuracy can be achieved without damaging the sample surface.


» Enables accurate cleaving through frontside targets with a scribe made on the backside of the substrate
» Scribe does not damage the frontside of the sample
» Accuracy of scribe ±200 μm (achievable)
» Flexible with respect to sample size and shape
» Capable of scribing bonded crystalline and amorphous wafers and chips for subsequent cleaving
» No maintenance required  


» Accurate positioning of the scribe relative to features on the front side (the front side being observed either by eye or with a stereoscope).
» The length of the scribe can be varied from 1 mm to 100 mm
» Prealigned diamond scribe in user replaceable cartridge; height and angle adjustable
» Ruler embedded in platform enables precise and repeatable sample alignment and sizing
» The tool is purely mechanical; no power required  

LatticeAx Indent and Cleaving Solutions

– Scribeless!
– No saws!
– No particle generation!

Cleaving experts and novices are challenged every day to improve success rates, targeting accuracy, and throughput and to achieve better productivity. LatticeAx systems were developed to meet these goals using smart mechanics coupled with microscope vision. The engine of the product line is the 120 base micro-line indent and cleaving system. With the 225 and 420 systems the vision and industrial platforms are integrated to achieve high cleaving accuracy and reproducibility without the complexity, sample restrictions and cost of automated instruments.

Every perfect Cleave starts with a great Indent     »     Every LatticeAx both indents and cleaves

Step 1. Microline indent. The cleave is initiated by the microline indent (750 – 1000 µm long) created by the LatticeAx.  Key to targeting accuracy and edge quality, the indenter can be positioned in ±5µm steps and depth is controlled by the calibrated clock dial knob.

Step 2. Cleave. Using 3 point cleaving the sample is cleaved. The fixed stress points designed into the LatticeAx and the ability to control the pressure on the sample during the cleaving step allow a slow cleave resulting in high quality cleaved edges.


LatticeAx 120 – Base Indent and Cleaving System

By using the patented LatticeAx base platform, every user can achieve high quality cleaves within 2 minutes for samples that vary in size, thickness and material. Use the 120 to cleave silicon, GaAs, glass, sapphire, hard disk drives and other substrates.

Lattice AX 120 wafer cleaving tool and diamond scribeBenefits

» Accurate and Repeatable Indent and Cleave
» Clean and high quality mirror finish cleaved face
» Simple to operate
» No maintenance contracts


» Small footprint (4″/100mm cube), easy to transport/move
» Purely mechanical design, no power required to operate the tool
» Diamond indenter with polished face for accurate positioning
» Clock dial for indent calibration
» Position control of indenter with 5 µm step size
» Vacuum pump to secure sample with pnuematic valve switch

LatticeAx 225 – Accurate Indent and Cleaving System

Microscopy sample preparation with diamond pen scribe

The addition of high magnification imaging enables accurate indenting resulting in samples cleaved with high accuracy. The LatticeAx 225 delivers 20-μm accuracy with high quality cleaved surfaces in 5-min. It integrates the patented LatticeAx base with an industrial platform customized for indenting and cleaving. The imaging package includes a focusing mount, a digital microscope with polarizer and real-time image acquisition and display software. With realtime imaging the indent is placed accurately with respect to the target making cleaving sample target simple and fast for all users. The 220 accepts samples with a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and materials.


» ±20 microns cleaving accuracy
» Accurate and Repeatable Indent and Cleave
» Simple to operate
» Clean and high quality mirror finish cross section face
» No maintenance contracts


» All the features of the LatticeAx 120 base tool
» Robust workstation platform designed for indenting and cleaving
» USB2 digital microscope with realtime digital imaging interface*
» Microscope mount with fine focus control
» Vacuum pump to secure sample with pneumatic valve switch
*Computer not included

LatticeAx 420 – The Ultimate High Accuracy Indent and Cleaving System

Lattice AX 420 wafer cleaving tool with diamond scribeLatticeAx420 is LatticeGear’s highest performance cleaving solution.  LatticeAx 420 delivers our highest cleaving accuracy of 10-μm in <5 min making it ideal for the lab that values speed and high accuracy while at the same time needing to accommodate a variety of sample sizes, thicknesses and materials.  The patented LatticeAx base is integrated with a complete vision package that includes a monocular microscope with 4-μm optical resolution, color CCD camera and real-time image acquisition and display software, and an X-Y stage.  This dedicated cleaving workstation is designed so any user can used to survey, align, micro-indent, cleave, and inspect processed samples.


» High Accuracy positioning of micro-line indent with high quality cleaving in a single tool
» Fast sample processing increases laboratory productivity
» Reduces bottleneck at costly, high demand sample preparation tools
» Low entry cost and no service cost
» Cleaves a wide range of materials and sample sizes
» Simple to use, ergonomic design and small footprint


» All the features of the LatticeAx 120 base tool
» High accuracy positioning of target (±10 µm)
» LatticeGear custom built: small footprint, industrial platform
» Focus mount with coarse and fine focus control
» Monocular, parfocal, zoom lens (.58-7x mag) with color CCD camera*
» Indent position control with 5 µm step size
» Polished tip diamond indenter
» 5 minute process sample setup to cleave
» Clock dial for indent calibration
*computer and monitor not included