As chosen by the University of Sydney, University of Queensland, Deakin University, RMIT University, Swinburne University, Flinders University, Macquarie University, University of Newcastle, University of Wollongong, University of South Australia, University of Adelaide, University of Southern Queensland and CSIRO amongst 400+ organisations globally.

Laboratory-scale electrospinning devices are in demand in laboratories all over the world. However, only a limited number of enterprises are able to meet these needs. Dearth of standard instruments for nanofibre synthesis as noted in electrospinning studies worldwide was the biggest motivation behind establishment of INOVENSO (Innovative Engineering Solutions). INOVENSO started with the production of single and multi-needle electrospinning devices that were bought by a considerable number of research laboratories and industry in a very short time. Currently, INOVENSO Co. is the leading manufacturer of nanofibre production equipment.

We offer a wide variety of electrospinning devices in three main categories as Laboratory Scale, Semi-Industrial and Industrial Scale Nanofibre Production Electrospinning Equipment in Australia and New Zealand. Currently, we offer needle-based, hybrid, single-nozzle and multi-nozzle electrospinning devices and their accessories. Contact us to discuss your electrospinning needs.

Lab Scale Electrospinning

Entry Level Systems

Elmarco Electrospinning system Nanotech solutions

Starter Kit

This kit is designed for low-cost, small-scale nanofibre research, producing results from a single-nozzle configuration by combining the fundamental principles of electrospinning in a compact setup. Spinning operation in this system can be carried out from left to right as well as from back to front. There have been advances in some changeable parameters such as spinning distance, voltage and flow rate that have significantly reduced latency.


NS1 NanoSpinner Electrospinning Equipment

This model includes all the basic components required for electrospinning operations: syringe pump, high voltage power supply and collector parts. High voltage can be applied with precision as well as the flow rate and the distance between the needle and collector can be adjusted. The small size of the system allows it to fit inside a fume hood.

NanoSpinner Range

Elmarco Electrospinning model NE300XP multi needle from Inovenso

NanoSpinner NE300-XP

This is a laboratory scale electrospinning system that can yield large areas of uniform nanofibre coatings. A 9-nozzle feeding unit along with basic cylinder and plate collectors allows production of range of membrane geometries from polymers such as Nylon, PU, PAN, PVA etc. This electrospinning model comes with programmable touch panel control that can produce new samples using the previously stored recipes. This allows for easy comparison of results for product development. In addition, this model has a long-term electrospinning capability. We offer a number of customised accessories with this model.


NanoSpinner NS-24

The NS-24, is Inovenso’s most versatile and advanced laboratory-scale system, it is also our best-selling model with more than 50 units installed in renowned universities and companies around the globe. This Electrospinning unit enables the collection of the nanofibres on a variety of collectors: a Flat collector, a Rotating drum collector with a high speed of 2000 rpm for obtaining well-aligned nanofibres. It can also optionally accommodate a Rotating rod collector with different sizes to obtain tubular structure of nanofibres known as tube-like nanofibres membranes which can be used as artificial blood vessels. This model has 12 nozzles, but can also be used with a single nozzle for small-laboratory production.


In this double electrospinning model, the left and right spinner units are independently controlled. This allows the production of multi-component nanofibre membranes.

NS MiniPilot

The NS MiniPilot is designed to develop sample nanofibre membranes for use in textile, air filtration, medicine, construction, agriculture etc. This model is equipped with multi-nozzle feeding that enables high production rates of electrospun nanofibre membranes and large surface area coatings. The MiniPilot model is particularly useful in research when electrospinning is needed 24 hours a day. The parameters in this model can be changed while the instrument is running providing flexibility.

Industrial Scale Electrospinning

NanoSpinner PilotLine

NanoSpinner Pilot Line Semi Industrial Electrospinning Machine is designed for precise product development processes. This model is ideal for research applications requiring electrospinning over long time intervals for in-situ parameter optimisation or/and product development. This model is equipped with touch-screen control panel that stores previous methods and allows the production of new sample using the stored parameters. This flexible, programmable, recipe re-call enabled system has long-term electrospinning capability and is supported by unique features.

NanoSpinner 416

Inovenso Holmark Nanospinner 416 unit for industrial scale mass production of nanofibre sheetsNanoSpinner 416 industrial electrospinning model can coat 1 m wide fabric with 50-400 nm wide nanofibres and is ideal for industrial nanofibre production. Depending on the customised nanofibre coating (g/m2), the output of NanoSpinner 416 can range between 180-5000 m2 of nanofibre membrane coating per day and the production capacity can be approximately 5000 g nanofibre per day.

The NanoSpinner 416 is equipped with 110 electrospinning needles and a homogenization system, allowing the surface to be uniformly and continuously at a width of 1 m. Thanks to its advanced automation system and air conditioning equipment, it enables continuous production at the determined quality even under changing environmental conditions.

Application Areas of Nanofibres

Applications of Nanofibres