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NanoTechnology Solutions cleanroom air table pneumatic isolation
Clean Room Tables
DVID-C series laboratory tables are ideal for providing pneumatic vibration control in Class 1 clean laboratories that have controlled levels of contamination. This series is equipped with smart automatic levelling.
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NanoTechnology Solutions LatticeGear Clean Break Pliers
CleanBreak Pliers with 3 Sets of Jaws
CleanBreak pliers enable clean and safe whole wafer cleaving. 3 sets of jaws (two running for crystalline substrate and 1 nipping for glass and ceramic). 6" handle. Go Green, why replace the pliers when you can just replace the jaws? One set replaceable jaws included.
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Scriber-LatticeGear-Cleavinga nd Scribing tools
Lattice Scriber
This is the best scriber you'll ever find for scribing semiconductor wafers. This custom scriber has an eight point truncated diamond tip that can be used for both toe and heel scribing held by robust 4" long pin vise handle.
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Cleaving and Scribing kit-LatticeGear
Scribing and Cleaving Kit for Small Samples
Good for thin and small samples. Lightweight and easy to use. Instructions included.
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Small sample cleaving Pliers-Cleaving and Scribing Tools
Small Sample Cleaving Pliers
Cleaving pliers for small samples. Cleave samples into pieces from 1-30 mm.
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