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Uncoated AFM probes for Force Modulation Mode. Resonant frequency 40-96kHz, force constant 1-5 N/m

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High-resolution silicon AFM cantilevers of FMG01 series are intended for semi-contact and non-contact scanning modes, as well as for power modulation mode.
A typical value of the resonant frequency is 60 kHz (guaranteed range: 40-96 kHz), the typical value of the power constant is 3 N / m (guaranteed range: 1-3 N / m). Cantilevers are without without coating. The probes are packed in boxes of 15 pieces and 50 pieces each.
Cantilever SeriesBeam length, L ± 10 μmBeam width, W ± 5 μmThe thickness of the beam, T ± 0.5 μmResonance frequency, kHzPower constant, N / m

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