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AFM probes for Magnetic mode (MFM) with CoCr magnetic coating. High resolution long lifetime magnetic probes MFM01 series

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High resolution long lifetime magnetic probes MFM01 series

The choice of the proper probe is very important during magnetic measurements. The magnetic probe should provide high resolution images with good magnetic signal. Besides it should “survive” under high-humidity conditions.
ScanSens offers new development – high resolution long lifetime magnetic probes MFM01 and MFM10. Special protective layers help to avoid oxidation and increase the cantilever lifetime substantially. Sharp silicon tip with coating less than 40 nm allows obtaining magnetic resolution till 20-30 nm!

Probe specification:

  1. Standard chip size: 1.6×3.4×0.3 mm compatible with the most of commercial AFM devices.
  2. The base silicon is highly doped to avoid electrostatic charges.
  3. High reflective Al back side coating.
  4. Tip side is coated with CoCr magnetic coating with additional layers protecting from oxidation
  5. Total coating thickness – 30-40 nm*.
  6. Typical curvature radius of the tip is about 40 nm.
  7. Guaranteed cantilever lifetime is 1 year if it’s storaged at the normal conditions (humidity 30-40%).

*At customer request we can make probes with different coating thickness to achieve different magnetic moments which will be the best for measuring of your samples.

Cantilever specification:

  1. Cantilever length, L±10 µm: 225
  2. Cantilever width, W±5 µm: 32
  3. Cantilever thickness, T±0.5 µm: 2.5
  4. Resonant frequency, kHz: 47 (Min), 70 (Typical), 90 (Max)
  5. Force constant, N/m: 1 (Min), 3 (Typical), 5 (Max)

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