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Set of calibration standards for SPM with International Calibration Cetficates. Intended for lateral and vertical calibration (including submicron calibration and simultaneuos calibration in X, Y and Z directions) , detection of lateral non-linearity, hysteresis, creep, and cross-coupling effects, determination of the tip shape

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Grating set TGS_Cert includes:

  • 7 calibration gratings – TGZ1, TGZ2, TGZ3, TGG1, TGT1, TGQ1, TDG01.
  • International Calibrationg Certificates.

Grating set TGS_Cert can be used for:

  • SPM simultaneuos calibration in X, Y and Z directions;
  • submicron SPM calibration in X or Y direction;
  • lateral and vertical calibration;
  • detection of lateral non-linearity;
  • detection of hysteresis, creep, and cross-coupling effects;
  • detection of angular distortion;
  • for 3-D visualization of the scanning tip;
  • determination of tip sharpness parameters (aspect ratio and curvature radius), tip degradation and contamination control.

ScanSens calibration gratings (TGS1, TGT1, TGG1, TGQ1, TDG01) where added to the state register in November 2009. Their numbers:

41676-09      TDG01
41677-09      TGG1
41678-09      TGZ1,2,3
41679-09      TGT1
41680-09      TGQ1

Gratings verification and calibration are made by The Russain Research Institute of Metrological Service (VNIIMS). VNIIMS calibration possibilities are confirmed by PTB, Coomet (EURO-ASIAN COOPERATION OF NATIONAL METROLOGICAL INSTITUTIONS ), BIMP (Bureau International des Poids et Mesures) and other organizations.

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