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Concept Scientific Instruments was founded by a team of experts with more than 20 years of experience in Atomic Force Microscopy. CSInstruments employs a qualified and dynamic team with expertise in mechanics, electronics and data processing. This expertise ensures innovation and performance in the production of AFM and helps achieve an excellent price/performance ratio.

The activities of CSInstruments focus on incorporating innovation and quality in the development and design of AFM, assisting researchers in academia and industry to achieve excellent results in their projects. CSInstruments offers an impressive product range designed and manufactured with precision to achieve ultrafine performances in nanometre range that meet the research needs and requirements for current and future nanoscience applications. NanoTechnology Solutions is the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand.
Inventor of AFM Christopher Gerber testing the best AFM


High Resolution Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Nano Observer high resolution AFM from Bruker

The Nano-Observer uses an advanced flat scanning stage to avoid well known defects of the piezoelectric tube scanner such as bow, X-Y crosstalk etc. A low noise feedback control delivers reliable and high performance. A patented flexure stage with 3 independent low voltage piezoelectric devices mounted in a massive platform and combined with a low noise laser and electronics achieves high resolution measurement at atomic scale.
Scanning Microwave Impedance Microscopy (sMIM)
Scanning Microwave Impedence Microscopy with CSI AFM
Scanning Microwave Impedance Microscopy (sMIM) is a new mode of imaging using AFM. This mode measures the electrical properties of materials at length scales from 10’s of nanometers to microns. sMIM modules produce high quality images of local electrical properties with better than 50 nm resolution.The core of our technical approach is to utilize microwave reflections from a nm scale region of the sample directly under the sMIM probe.
Scanning Microwave Impedence Microscopy for semiconductor application with Bruker AFM
Silicon FinFETs
High Definition Kelvin Probe (HD-KFM)
Standard Kelvin Probe with Bruker AFM-KPFM
Standard KFM
HD KFM Kelvin Probe with CSI Nano-Observer AFM
HD-KFM with Nano Observer AFM

Traditional KFM is based on the lift mode or double-pass technique which results in loss of resolution and signal sensitivity.

The Nano-Observer can uniquely offer single-pass High Definition KFM mode to highly enhance the resolution and increase the sensitivity of the surface potential.