Over 40 years of innovation history enables us to deliver excellent vibration isolation performance and unmatched build quality at affordable prices in Australia and New Zealand.

EM Base and Cradle Platform

Scanning Electron Microscope vibration isolation TMC SEM BaseTMC vibration isolation base for Scanning Electron MicroscopesDVIP Series incorporates custom-made vibration isolation bases and cradle platforms designed to isolate tall, large and heavy precision equipment such as electron microscopes from floor vibrations. Optimal vibration isolation systems are designed on order to meet the requirements of particular model; for example, the DVIP-C cradle platform is specifically designed for the instruments with high center of gravity.

Ultimate Active Base for FIB, SEM & TEM

Active isolation TMC and Herzan SEM BaseDVIA-MB series has been specifically designed for Focussed Ion Beam, Scanning Electron Microscopes and Transmission Electron Microscopes. DVIA-MB series fits all commercial electron microscopes and is the ultimate active vibration isolation base platform to assist the electron microscopes with obtaining high resolution images.

SEM gold on carbon image with active isolation ON
Active isolation ON
SEM gold on carbon image with active isolation OFF
Active isolation OFF

Cost-effective SEM Base

Active isolation TMC STACIS SEM Base and Herzan AVI series SEM BaseDIVA-UB active vibration isolation base platform is designed to isolate Scanning Electron Microscopes from floor vibrations in the most cost-effective way.

DVIA-U Series active isolation systems do not require air supply in order to operate the system. Strong metal springs in the isolator units, not only support heavy payloads but also provide passive vibration isolation in high frequency range.

Inertial sensors and actuators that are installed in our active isolation bases, detect and control vibrations in three translational degrees of motions (X, Y, Z), and three rotational degrees of motions (pitch, roll, yaw).

Every installation site has different vibration levels, indicating that every installation site requires different tuning. Therefore, we offer on-site tuning to utilise the feed-back and feed-forward control systems effectively, which are the critical factors to control the vibrations. Without on-site tuning, the active isolation systems cannot deliver the 100% isolation performance.

SEM and FIB environmental enclosures are also available. Please see ‘Enclosures’ tab.

FEI Talos 200S TEM on DVIA EM Base
FEI Talos 200S TEM on DVIA TEM Base

Clean Room Foundation Isolation Systems 

NanoTechnology Solutions Foundation vibration isolation for electron microscopy and electron beam lithographyBased on over 30 years of experience in installing sub-floor vibration isolation systems in semiconductor fabrication plants, we guarantee delivering the highest quality products and improving throughput of semiconductor manufacturing.

The structure of supports are made of extreme rigidity steel and the four corners of the supports are filled with concrete, increasing stability, rigidity and stiffness. The choice of vibration isolators varies with the required vibration criteria of equipment; if the passive vibration isolators do not meet the vibration criteria, the active vibration isolators must be used.

Active Pneumatic Vibration Isolators

Active Pneumatic isolation system used during scientific laboratory constructionDVIA-P Series is built to provide vibration isolation for semiconductor manufacturing which can be used in the Foundation Isolation Systems. When wafer fabrication processes complete electrical or photonic integrated circuits on linear motorised stages, vibrations occur on the entire instrument, and the semiconductor equipment is extremely sensitive to the low frequency vibrations. In these cases, DVIA-P Series minimizes the vibrations and settles the residual movements of an isolated payload through pneumatic actuators.

Vibration isolation integrated in the floor Vibration isolation hidden under floor

Scanning Electron Microscope Enclosure
SEM and FIB Enclosure
Active isolation in Acoustic Enclosure to stop AFM image noise
Acoustic Enclosure
Faraday Cage for sensitive instruments
Faraday Cage
Microscopy Cleanbooth for small spaces
Clean Booth with Positive AirFlow