Coaxial Nozzle
Special Design Coaxial Nozzle
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Coaxial Nozzle with Syringe Pump
Special Design Coaxial Nozzle with syringe pump
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Dehumidifier Attached Chamber
Ambient humidity adjustment between 25% and room condition.
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Different Diameter Needles
Electrospinning needles with different diameters (10 pieces)
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Electrospinning Rotating drum collector
Rotating drum collector

A rotating drum collector has a big effect on obtaining aligned nanofibers. Inovenso offers two types of Rotating drum collectors: Type of collector Drum collector Type: 1 Drum collector Type: 2 Length 220mm 280mm Diameter 100mm 120mm Speed 2000 RPM … Continued

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Temperature Controlled Chamber
Heating of spinning area up to 40oC
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