Over 40 years of innovation history enables us to deliver excellent vibration isolation performance and unmatched build quality of Optical Tables at affordable prices in Australia and New Zealand.
Our Optical Tables and microscopy workstations have been chosen by leading Australian universities like The University of Sydney, Australian National University, The University of Melbourne, Monash University, Sydney NanoScience Hub (SNH-USYD), University of Technology Sydney, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University, Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF), The University of Queensland, University of South Australia, Curtin University, The University of Western Australia, CSIRO, other Government labs and industry R&D facilities.
Optical Tables, Breadboards, Microscopy Workstations – Custom Designs or Standard Sizes – Delivered Faster and Cheaper!
A much wider range of Optical Table sizes than other suppliers is available. Please contact us to obtain information on available sizes.

Pneumatic Optical Tables

Custom Optical Tables

U shape Joined Optical Tables from TMCDifferent combinations of our optical tops with active, pneumatic and rigid frames are available to suit a variety of experimental requirements and space availability in the laboratory. Our joined table systems enable multiple tables to be joined end-to-end, side-to-side, side-to-end, or mixed configurations to form long and wide “U”, “L”, “T”, or “Cross” shaped tables.
To ensure flatness, the joined table systems are manufactured as matched sets and supplied as complete systems, shipped as dismantled for on site assembly. Joining optical tops of different thickness provides multiple heights of work surfaces.

Self-standing Pneumatic or Rigid Supports

RS2000 Pneumatic Individual Support legs for Newport optical tablesThe primary goal of designing vibration isolators is to lower the natural frequency of isolators as low as possible, in order to filter ambient vibrations in buildings, before the vibrations can reach and disturb the optical tops. Our integrated pneumatic supports achieve in isolating the low frequency vibrations through the two-chamber vibration isolators and high damping technology.

Pendulum piston for superior vibration isolation: Our unique design of piston forms a friction-less pendulum system to provide a horizontal isolation of very low frequency vibrations.  As the optical table moves sideways, the horizontal movement is converted into the pendulum motion that causes zero frictional resistance to the movement and damp the system horizontally.

We offer a variety of pneumatic isolators with load capacities ranging from 200 to 3000 kg. We substantially study customers’ requirements in order to provide the right isolators. Self-standing rigid supports are also available.

Integrated Pneumatic or Rigid Supports

Newport SMART Optical TableIntegrated rigid supports provide high load capacities at affordable price. Rubber pads of the rigid supports offer a basic vibration isolation where customers’ applications are not sensitive to vibrations.

Active Isolation Options

Active Isolation Optical Tables

Newport ST-UT2 SMART Optical tableDVIA-MO consists of four active vibration isolators. The elements of passive and  active systems are incorporated in the active isolators; sensors and actuators  are installed in the isolators, reducing vibrations in 1-10 Hz, meanwhile the passive isolation system supports massive payloads and provides vibration isolation in high frequency range.

The combination of optical breadboards/granite surface plates and DVIA-M active isolators creates the ultimate hybrid active optical table, offering superior vibration isolation in low frequency range for the most challenging applications such as high resolution spectroscopy, microscopy, precision nanosturucture studies and fabrication.​


Controlling vibrations in all six degrees of freedom: Inertial sensors and actuators that are installed in DVIA-T series, detect and control vibrations in three translational degrees of motions (X, Y and Z), and three rotational degrees of motions (pitch, roll and yaw).