Our microscopy workstations and optical tables have been chosen by leading Australian universities like The University of Sydney, Australian National University, The University of Melbourne, Monash University, Sydney NanoScience Hub (SNH-USYD), University of Technology Sydney, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University, Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF), The University of Queensland, University of South Australia, Curtin University, The University of Western Australia, CSIRO, other Government labs and industry R&D facilities.

Microscopy Workstations – Custom Designs or Standard Sizes – Delivered Faster and Cheaper!

Air Tables

Lab Tables with Work Space

TMC Microscopy Workstation table with work space and vibration isolation

These microscopy workstations and laboratory tables are extremely useful in physical, chemical and biological sciences laboratories seeking passive / pneumatic vibration control in their experimentation. This series is equipped with smart automatic levelling. Some suppliers state automatic levelling as active isolation which could be confusing. Active isolation generally uses electromagnetic / piezo systems for isolation and operate on electricity as opposed to an air supply. For clarity we use the term Pneumatic Isolation and all of our air based isolation systems come with automatic levelling.

With advanced pneumatic vibration isolators, these laboratory tables provide outstanding vibration control in both vertical as well as horizontal directions.

In addition, these tables have an ergonomic design with open front and arm rests for increased efficiency and comfort in work environment. To meet a variety of purposes and requirements, customisation of size and location of isolated platform and accessories like monitor stand, keyboard shelf, drawer unit, under shelf, sliding shelf are available.


Clean Room Tables

Newport cleanroom table with active and passive vibration isolationClean room tables are ideal for providing passive vibration control in Class 1 clean laboratories that have controlled levels of contamination. This series is made of stainless steel that prevents production and/or dispersion of particles in air.

To meet a variety of purposes and requirements, customisation of size and location of isolated platform and accessories like drawer unit, under shelf and electric outlet are available.

Electromagnetic Isolation Tables

Lab Tables

TMC active isolation lab tables

These laboratory tables are designed to provide active vibration control to ultra-precision instruments from floor vibrations. These workstations are extremely useful to obtain the highest quality of results and/or highly accurate measurements from ultra-precise instruments. These tables are equipped with strong metal springs in the isolator units and do not require air supply to operate. This design helps to support heavy payloads and provides isolation from high frequencies of vibrations. This series comes with the option of a laminated top or a breadboard.

A workspace version of these tables is also available.