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KLA is a $6.9B company and has invested $2.9B in R&D in the last 4 years. Nanomechanical testers from KLA Instruments provide precise, reliable and repeatable measurements of hardness, Young’s modulus, and other mechanical properties to help you explore new materials, reduce product failures and accelerate your time-to-market. We offer nanoindentation testing tools that range from easy-to-use to a high performance nanoindenter tester to the industry’s highest performance and most versatile nano tensile tester.

NanoTechnology Solutions is the exclusive distributor of KLA Instruments and supplies, installs, supports nanoindenter products and accessories across Australia and New Zealand. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and applications.

The field of nanoindentation was co-founded by KLA’s Dr. Warren Oliver almost 40 years ago, and KLA Instruments has continued to foster a culture of innovation. From releasing the first nanoindenter in the market to expanding nanoindentation technology into fast, high-temperature and high strain rate testing, KLA have continued to develop new static and dynamic measurement types, driving forward the next generation of nanomechanical testing of material hardness.

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KLA instruments iNano Nanoindenter NanoTechnology SolutionsThe iNano Nanoindenter is the highest performance mechanical characterisation tool available on the market. This easy to use tool is available at affordable price and offers precision, accuracy and repeatability. iNano is equipped with innovative technology including magnetic sample loading system and industry-leading software.

This tool uses leading edge technology and high-quality design to provide world-class specifications and best-in-industry performance while keeping Nanoindentation simple. iNano offers data acquisition speeds of up to 100 kHz and time constant of 20 µs enabling most data points per dynamic experiment. iNano also allows a wide range of experiments owing to its 50 mN force and 50 µm displacement.

iNano uses an industrial aluminium gantry, high force actuator and reliable software delivering high accuracy, long-term repeatability and utmost reliability in results.

iNano is a flexible and multi-purpose instrument that can be used with ease in experiments involving constant strain rate, modulus and hardness (Oliver and Pharr), storage and loss modulus and frequency. iNano finds applications in thin films, coatings, surface treatments, MEMS, biomaterials, composites, metals, ceramics and polymers.




KLA instruments iMicro Nanoindenter NanoTechnology SolutionsThe iMicro Nanoindenter delivers accurate data while maintaining its ease of use and flexibility in material testing. This is a high performance Nanoindentation system that incorporates test reliability, versatile capabilities and a user-friendly software.

A wide range of materials (ultra-soft gels to hard coatings) can be tested using multiple actuator options. Nanomechanics Inc., use robust and linear electromagnetic actuators that inherently decouple force and displacement. The actuator used in iMicro offers a maximum force of 1 N, resolution of 6 nN and an ultra-low noise floor of < 200 nN. A time constant of 20 µs makes iMicro the only nanoinenter to simultaneously offer specs such as maximum indenter travel of 80 µm, a noise floor of <0.1 nm, a digital resolution of 0.04 nm and drift rates of <0.05 nm/s. A very wide range of dynamic excitation frequencies (0.1 Hz – 1kHz) ensures reliable data.  Scratch option with a maximum load of 50 mN, maximum scratch distance of 2.5 mm and maximum scratch speed of 500 µm/s is available.

The sample stage of iMicro system is flexible with movements of 100 mm (X and Y-axes) and 25 mm (Z-axis), This allows testing of samples of a range of heights and over a larger sample area.

iMicro is equipped with a highly intuitive and extremely powerful software that can design innovative experiments. The software has an integrates tip-calibration system that automatically calibrates tip. An optional NanoBlitz Topography and Tomography Software is also available in order to perform 3D and 4D mapping of materials.

The iMicro Nanoindenter finds applications in frequency-specific experiments, storage and loss modulus, modulus and hardness, micro-hardness (Oliver and Pharr) and constant strain rate, constant loading rate and crack initiation and growth. Applications include MEMS, biomaterials, composites, metals, ceramics, polymers, thin films, coatings and surface treatment.