Deben NanoTechnology SolutionsDeben UK Ltd. is a world leading design and manufacturer of Tensile & Compression Testing Stages for X-Ray CT Systems. Deben UK offers integrated in-situ tensile stages for µXCT applications. Using tensile testing with µXCT provides a clear visual interpretation of how the properties of materials and composites change under different loading conditions. The compact design of these testing stages allows them to be used with the smallest high resolution micro CT systems providing a range of tensile, compression and torsion stages with forces up to 20kN and resolutions down to 25mN. Systems are controlled from the comprehensive MICROTEST tensile stage control software giving a wide range of control functions and a live display of load versus extension and supplied with all required cabling and mounting adaptors for specific µXCT systems including Zeiss Xradia, Nikon, Tescan XRE, Thermo Fisher (formerly FEI) YXLON, GE and Australian Synchrotron. NanoTechnology Solutions supplies, installs and supports Deben CT stages across Australia and New Zealand.


CT5000 in-situ tensile stage

CT5000 tensile stages for µXCT Zeiss VersaFlexible 5kN stage for cabinet based XRM (µXCT) systems with exchangeable loadcells. Available in room temperature, heating/cooling or heating only configurations as well as with a liquid bath. Applications include observation of rock cores, composite materials, man-made foams & metallic samples. A 3 mm thick vitreous glassy carbon tube supports the top jaw and provides low X-Ray attenuation. Loadcells from 500N to 5kN can be user exchanged. Room temperature version has no heating or cooling but can be upgraded at a later date. TEC version uses peltiers and cartridge heaters for temperature control in the range -20°C to +160°C. H250 version has heating from room temperature to +250°C.

Currently there are three versions of the CT5000 available:

CT5000RT, operates at room temperature only.

CT5000TEC, Peltier heated & cooled jaws with temperature range from -20°C to +160°C

CT5000H250, heated jaws with temperature range from room temperature to +250°C

CT5000 Specifications

– Modular tensile & compression testing system to be installed within a µXCT system

– Tensile jaws and compression platens, (can be customised to customer specifications)

– Mounting plate for fitting onto existing rotary table, with slot for cable exit through centre or side

– Precision slides & leadscrew

– Maximum load reading resolution, 1000:1 dynamic, 2000:1 static (of full scale range)

Polymer foam compression in Xray CT using Deben CT500CT5000-ZEISS Xradia Versa CT

Icecream in X-Ray CT using Deben coolstage
Icecream in X-Ray CT using Deben coolstage



Other Deben in-situ stage systems available for µXCT applications:

CT350 heating stage with temperature range room temperature to +350°C

CT500 500N in-situ tensile stage

CT10K custom order in-situ 10kN tensile stage

CT20K custom order in-situ 20kN tensile stage

CT160 Peltier stage with temperature range -20°C to +160°C


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