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Pack of 5 Whisker Type probes for Tapping/noncontact modes. Standard length of the Whisker for tapping/noncontact  modes is 1.0um (other Whisker length can be considered). At customer’s requirement tip side of cantilever can be coated by conductive coating.

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Whisker Type probes specially designed for measurement of samples with near vertical sidewalls

Not even every surface of interest has a plain structure. Moreover, in most cases it may have a rather complicated topography, with many ups and downs. To investigate such features properly matching this task probe must be used. A standard probe has a limited size and in case of narrow gaps cannot fit them (too short and wide). Also it’s true when the height’s difference is greater than the probe’s dimensions.
ScanSens offers a special probe, designed for studying deep holes, trenches and narrow gaps. It differs from any standard probe by having at the very end a long and slim whisker.

This small modification has a great impact in terms of making the probe a perfect instrument for investigation of narrow gaps. It gives the following advantages:

– To profile a shape of sidewalls. Due to a variable angle of inclination, no more mechanical restriction!
The whisker tips go deeper inside narrow gaps when the standard cantilevers fail to measure!

– For imaging of the trench’s bottom. That is not possible using a standard probe due to its size’s limitations, but because of the very high aspect ratio of Whisker tip we can do it easily.


NanoTechnology Solutions is the exclusive distributor of these probes in Australia and New Zealand.

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