AFM probes for Magnetic mode (MFM) with CoCr magnetic coating. Low Moment High Resolution Magnetic probes MFM_LM series

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Low Moment High Resolution Magnetic tips MFM_LM possess 15nm* CoCr coating, which is two times thinner compare to standard MFM tips. Decreasing the magnetic moment of MFM tip is important in case of imaging low coercitive magnetic samples, such as iron garnet films with coercitivity of about 20 Oe.

Probe specification:

  1. Standard chip size: 1.6×3.4×0.3 mm compatible with the most of commercial AFM devices.
  2. The base silicon is highly doped to avoid electrostatic charges.
  3. High reflective Al back side coating.
  4. Tip side is coated with CoCr magnetic coating with additional layers protecting from oxidation
  5. Total coating thickness – 15-20 nm*.
  6. Typical curvature radius of the tip is about 25-30 nm.
  7. Guaranteed cantilever lifetime is 1 year if it’s storaged at the normal conditions (humidity 30-40%).

*At customer request we can make probes with different coating thickness to achieve different magnetic moments which will be the best for measuring of your samples.

Cantilever specification:

  1. Cantilever length, L±10 µm: 225
  2. Cantilever width, W±5 µm: 32
  3. Cantilever thickness, T±0.5 µm: 2.5
  4. Resonant frequency, kHz: 47 (Min), 70 (Typical), 90 (Max)
  5. Force constant, N/m: 1 (Min), 3 (Typical), 5 (Max)

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