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TOP VISUAL non-contact AFM probes (typical resonant frequency 300 kHz, typical force constant 50 N/m), Au reflective coating

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TOP VISUAL NONCONTACT Silicon Cantilevers VIT_P/IR series
TOP VISUAL probes intended:

  1. For precise positioning of the tip over the point of interest and for direct real-time observation of sample scanning and modification (nanomanipulation) processes.
  2. For precise positioning of a tightly focused laser spot at the tip end – for investigations of optical effects between tip and sample (TERS, TEFS, s-SNOM etc).


  1. Material: Single Crystal Silicon, N-type, 0.01-0.025 Ohm-cm, Antimony doped
  2. Chip size: 3.4×1.6×0.3mm
  3. Reflective side coating: Au
  4. Front coating: None
  5. Cantilever number: 1 rectangular
  6. Tip curvature radius: typical 30nm
  7. Tip shape: Pyramidal
  8. Tip height: 14-16 um
  9. Cantilever length, L±5µm: 140
  10. Cantilever width, W±3µm: 50
  11. Cantilever thickness, T±0.5 µm: 5
  12. Resonant frequency, kHz: 200 (Min), 300 (Typical), 400 (max)
  13. Force constant, N/m: 25 (Min), 50 (Typical), 95 (max)

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