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Calibration grating set TGS1 (consists of three gratings TGZ1, TGZ2, TGZ3) with PTB tracable certificate

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Now the calibration grating set TGS1 which consists of three gratings TGZ1, TGZ2, TGZ3 is available with PTB tracable certificate.
Ordering grating set TGS1 with code TGS1_PTB you will get the gratings with PTB traceable certificate.
The gratings TGS1_PTB are measured on the SPM which has been preliminary calibrated using the PTB certified grating set TGS1.

Procedure of grating certification:
Calibration grating set TGS1_PTB is intended for Z-axis calibration of scanning probe microscopes and nonlinearity measurements. In comparision with TGS1 grating set you will have height meanings with lower uncertainties that will help to obtained more reliable scans of the scanned objects.
Grating set contains 3 grating TGZ1, TGZ2, TGZ3 with different step heights.


Grating description:
Structure:– Si wafer
– the grating is formed on the layer of SiO2
Pattern types:1- Dimensional (in Z-axis direction)
Step height:TGZ1 – 20,0±1,5 nm*
TGZ2 – 110±2 nm*
TGZ3 – 520±3 nm *
Chip size:5x5x0,5mm
Effective area:central square 3x3mm


* – the average meaning based on the measurements in 5 points of each grating on the SPM calibrated by PTB certified grating set TGS1. Basic step height can vary from the specified one within ±10 % depending on the batch (for example TGZ1 grating can have step height 22±1.5 nm)

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